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We are one of the most trusted and sought-after Electronics company in Johannesburg offering the following services:

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Superior Services

At Satetlink We specialize in a variety of services in both IT, ernergy and security in your homes and working places

Data & Network Cabling

  1. Network points for both domestic and commercial use
  2. Ceiling mount wifi extenders
  3. WiFi distribution
  4. Network switches and u cabinets


  1. Signal problems
  2. Extra setup
  3. Explora upgrade
  4. Communal dish systems

Gate & Garage Automation

  1. Gate Automation
  2. Garage door automation
  3. Anti theft brackets for gate motor

what we provide

Electric Fence Systems

Satlink Electronics offers professionally installed , highly effective electric fencing that is ideal for your business or residential property.


Most business’s, unlike homes, consume their electricity during the day which is in line with solar power generation.


Analogue, digital, IP, facial and number plate recognition cameras and digital video recorders are available.


Cabling If you are constructing a new facility, moving into new office space, or upgrading your network view more

creative solutions

Wireless Solutions

Satlink Electronics offers a wide range of wireless solutions that include internal and building to building.

DSTV Installations & Repairs

We are focused on ensuring our digital T.V installation service is fast and affordable while giving you the highest quality viewing pleasure.

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